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LED Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation

LED Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation

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Professional LED Light Therapy Machine


Reveal your best skin yet with the powerful effects of the red led light therapy. The gentle amber LED light and heat technology help users to combat aggravating skin concerns like redness, inflammation, and brown spots leaving you with a more balanced, radiant look after every use. It is the best handheld led light therapy device and reduces Wrinkles, Tightens Skin, Fixes Pigmentation Issues. 



  • See results immediately after treatment
  • LED Skin Rejuvenation System is easy to use
  • Good skin sensation during and after the treatment, such as tightening, warming, and skin softening
  • Wrinkle-less looking skin and improved skin texture
  • Professional results at home use
  • Long-term anti-aging benefits
  • A high end elegant hand-piece
  • No additional accessories required
  • Ease of treatment – can be performed while watching TV


Platinum (Pt) Led Anti Aging Facial Rejuvenation System

Medical use stainless steel probe with 2 magnets, along with 24 infrared ray therapy light, this facial massager is applicable for anyone to use. LED Anti Aging Facial Rejuvenation System LED Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation system deliver the safest and most effective anti-aging product. So how does it work? Dermatologist Recommended Clinically Proven LED Skin Rejuvenation System

 Award-Winning, Innovative Technology: Prevents The Appearance of Aging's Signs and Can Help Reduce Existing Ones Within Just 2-3 Months of Treatment! 

Platinum Deluxe ® cosmetics Luxury Skincare & Beauty 

Younger Skin, Younger Look: Reduces the Depth of Wrinkles Tightens Skin, Fixes Pigmentation Issue

 Gentle massaging, skin cleansing and skin care, pores shrinkage, fines lines smooth, and nutrition import.

 Saves You Money: Multi-purpose, Use it on Face, Neck, Even The Delicate Area Around Your Eyes! 

 Easy to Use: Simply Turn on and Use in Circular Motions for 3 Minutes Per Treated Area to See Results! Smart and fast charging, large battery capacity of 1000mAh, 2-3 hours continuous using time is assured on a single full charge. With 2 charging modes, it is convenient for even traveling use. 

 Smart human body induction, aluminum alloy conductive head along with cool LED light is suitable for all skin types.

 In handheld size, separated buttons operation, and LED display, this facial massager is safe and convenient for using. 

 Increases Collagen Production in Your Skin! 

 Phototherapy Mode: Get deep into particular skin to improve blood circulation, repair collagen, improve skin color, dilute spots, and improve skin elasticity Aging Device,

 Shop luxury skincare products at Platinum Deluxe ® cosmetics. Find the best luxury and designer skincare products to fit into your beauty routine. 

 Hot Compress Mode: 42℃ +/-3℃ massage in constant temperature, deep cleaning, beautify skin, and relax skin. Warm + Phototherapy Mode: Activate and stimulate skin, provide hot compress for skin for blood circulation, spots dilution, and skin elasticity improvement.

Platinum Deluxe ® cosmetics Luxury Skincare & Beauty LED Skin Rejuvenation System

  Note: Do not submerge it in water or wash with running water. Use a lint-f


Do not submerge it in water or wash with running water.

 Use a lint-free cloth to to clean all cosmetic residues on the device.


 Material: ABS + stainless steel
 Battery capacity: 1000mAh 
Working voltage: 7.4V
 Temperature: 42℃±3℃
 Color: Black Gold
 Charging time: Approx. 2-3 hours
 Using time: Approx. 2 hours
 Mode: 3 modes
 item size: 19.3x4.7cm
 Package Content:
 1 x beauty device
 1 x power base
 1 x USB cable

  • UPC: 732943501824
  • Brand: Platinum Deluxe ®
  • Shipping Led Device
  • Available Ship to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Puerto Rico, United States

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